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Kids-Teens.Great-Furniture-Deals.com recommends the Lectern made by Vfi. Manufacturer brand item Part number: LEX32-ART - Product id: 641441185 - SKU: VFIN1116_13893671. Education. VFIs lectern model LEX32 is a large surface and elegant presentation lectern with a unique look. Has a 24 x 28 work surface to accommodate lecture notes or a laptop, inner shelves with wiring channels. Finished with a extremely resistant black.. We are an associate publisher, please contact the seller's superior customer service for payment options, ordering information and guarantee offered. .

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Side Shelving Unit Folding Product Picture 557

Side Shelving Unit Folding Buy Side Shelving Unit Folding Can be added to lecterns or podiums Except EX version Manufacturer allowing 1 year warranty. Wall Mountable: Yes. Black. Shelves Yes No of Shelves:. Adjustable Shelves:. Removable Shelves:. Country of
Adjustable Lectern Height Product Picture 557

Adjustable Lectern Height Shop for Vfi Education An elegant and functional lift lectern. Its silent lift mechanism raises the work surface from 34 to 50. 5 to accommodate a tall or short person. Has a push button activated lift which has a display w
Tech Lectern High Product Picture 557

Tech Lectern High Click here for Vfi Lecterns Podiums 14 rack spaces and can accommodate up to 2 flip up shelves. Clean audience side look with hidden full access rear door. Other has include: locking front pocket door, pull out keyboard and mouse tray, removable pod for cut
James Original Classic Full Podium Dan Product Picture 557. Order here.

James Original Classic Full Podium Dan Buy James Original Classic Full Podium Dan Patented light , long lasting lectern with a removable 2 sided front insert and tilt back wheels. Tilt back wheels for easy relocation to distinct venues. Rounded corners to help prevent damage. Light
Height Column Full Podium Adjustable Product Picture 557. Order here.

Height Column Full Podium Adjustable Shop for Amplivox Education The executive column lectern fits in any decor with its elegant modern styling and easily glides from room to room on 4 easy glide casters. With pneumatic dial control. exceptional in boardroom, meeting room or auditorium.
Non Sound Column Floor Lectern Executive Product Picture 557. Order here.

Non Sound Column Floor Lectern Executive Click here for Amplivox Lecterns Podiums Column lectern has a modern style to blend into almost any decor. Scratch resistant, melamine laminate finish withstands wear and tear to maintain a sleek, elegant appearance. The large reading table with raised edges holds
Metal Av Cart Dual Monitor Mount Mobile Product Picture 557

Metal Av Cart Dual Monitor Mount Mobile Buy Metal Av Cart Dual Monitor Mount Mobile Need to duplicate the functionality of an OEM dual display stand at a more cute price and have the system roll around from room to room too Create it with VFI model metal cart. The metal cart allowing functionality and durability
Av Cart Single Monitor Mount Mobile Product Picture 557

Av Cart Single Monitor Mount Mobile Shop for Vfi Education Comprised of the PL3070 cart and the PM S display mount are the ideal combination when mobility is mandated. pair absolutely lends itself to most educational teaching, business, military, courtroom and corporate training
Storage Carts Laptop Product Picture 557

Storage Carts Laptop Click here for Vfi Carts Stands VFIs multimedia stand model is an choice in a roll about cart for smaller peripherals. multi purpose cart is exceptional for products like computer monitors, LCD projectors, overhead projectors and laptops. Its flip up shelf
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