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Base Combo Sound Lectern Tabletop

The tabletop base combo sound with wireless handheld mic is a tabletop with floor base. Has cabinetry of a wood mahogany on walnut veneer over a plywood core has a watt amp ide.
Floor Lectern Prestige

The sound with wireless headset mic is a beautiful, dignified, handmade sound . Its watt amp is for venues like conference rooms, auditoriums, or religious sanctuaries. Speakers will
Full Podium Prestige

Aesthetically handmade commands a dignified presence. The unit has a wide reading surface illuminated by a fluorescent lamp. With f concealed roll casters locking for movement. Surface mo.
Portable Lectern Aristocrat

The sound with tie clip lavalier wireless mic is illustrious, executive style sound of fine cabinetry adorned with colored trimming. Its watt amplifier with speakers is just right for ven.
Floor Lectern Orator

The with tie clip lavalier wireless mic is a versatile, watt sound , fit for medium sized venues like conference rooms, meeting halls, auditoriums s. Provides a reading surface illuminated by at.
Floor Sound Full Podium Aristocrat

For the smallest to venues. Executive style has watt multimedia amplifier with speakers, surrounded by appointments, which provide sound for people. With microphones, holders.
Standard Height Full Podium Orator

Impressive has a of has a brass lamp a digital clock. With f concealed roll casters locking for movement. With to your needs digital time piece. Microphones conden.
Height Adjusting Full Podium Orator

Versatility is the key with . Suited to espeaker environment, the reading surface adjusts in is lluminated by a brass lamp. Has to your needs digital time piece. F roll casters are concealed.

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