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Full Podium Top Panel Wheelies

Lectern is a accessory for any speaking in front of a crowd, with open front adjustable shelves to house any visual aids or notes need during discussion. Open front. Adjustable shelf.
Furniture Standard Lectern Sustainable

* The cartables is a steel frame that is to move with silver black locking casters located on the front of the wheelbarrow style rolling the cart has fixed shelves.
Height Mobile Presentation Full Podium Adjustable

* The mobile presentation is a mobile presentation station that changes based on the presenter. With a steel frame wood laminate shelves, adjustable .
Flat Top Valet Full Podium Classic

* Their mid sized valet has twice the storage of their smaller s a flat top to write on. All of their s lockable storage space for peace of mind. Unique post panel de.
Adjustable Lectern Height

* An lift . Its silent lift mechanism raises the work surface from to. to accommodate a tall or short person. Has a push button activated lift which has a display with read in or a.
Mobile Workstation Full Podium Sentry

* Mobile workstation has lots of storage work space it lets you setup wherever you need to classrooms, conference or training rooms, building entrances, warehouse production areas more.
James Original Internal Speaker Classic Presenter Full Podium Dan

* James internal speaker classic presenter is nothing better than a portable that combines black shell cherry wood interchangeable inserts with integrated sound system, internal speaker e.
Full Podium Admiral

* The is housing for extreme, liberty or explorer sound system. The sound system fits into the oak cabinet space. The mic connection cable plugs into the back of the sound system, you have

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